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Mehrdad Biazarikari - Orchestral & Intrumental Composer , Guitarist
Mehrdad Biazarikari
Mehrdad Biazarikari, who is also called Mehrdad Biazari, was born on November 22, 1990 in Iran. He is a classical guitar player, composer, arranger and music producer.He started playing the guitar from the age of 12 under the supervision of his brother, Milad Biazarikari, and played more pop pieces. Until he was 14 years old, he became interested in playing the classical guitar and played works by Francesco Targa, Fernando Sur, Astor Piazzolla and Isaac Albeniz. But it is interesting to know that he entered the field of music teaching (guitar and solfege) from the age of 16. Of course, he was teaching for a short time and very soon after 6 years, he gave up teaching and spent all his time composing and arranging music. In the meantime, he also received several music certificates from Allison Institute in Ireland, including music theory, harmony, film music, music studio recording, etc. His specialty is creating wordless music, which can be mentioned from his latest works, Autumn, Dream, Pond Of Horror, Silence of the Night, Chaos, Flight 176, Exorcist , Victory and... He wrote the Autumn album for piano and cello instruments. He is working on trailers and film music . Now, according to the works he has created and we have heard from him, we can easily conclude that he is very interested in new age and orchestral music.