FM-Film & Music Artist Platform

The FM platform promotes individual artists and showcases institutions, organisations, companies, etc. 

Membership is free for all music and film artists, regardless of their age or the country they are from. The platform offers a wealth of features, cataloguing, categorisation, geographic zoning, and a space to link your social media, music and film platforms. It is also a source of information about you, which you can update at any time, and a place where you can share your finished profiles and use them to promote yourself. You can easily connect with people in your same areas of interest. We can help you find new contacts, collaborators or friends anywhere in the world.

 The premium version offers additional features you can use at your discretion. Providing extra technology options and upgrades, the premium version is for anyone who wants something more for their profile. Extending your profile to the premium version is readily affordable and accessible. 

For years, Gong Art Company, the main organiser of the FMC-Film Music Contest, has been networking with artists and professionals in the music, film and creative industries. Many of these people work for Hollywood and Asian studios, TV broadcasters, cultural institutions, Netflix, and others. From our meetings and many conversations with artists and professionals around the globe, we realised that a platform was needed to bring all these people and companies together.