FM-Film & Music Artist Platform

What do I have to do to become a member of this platform?

Simply fill in the online registration form on this page. Once you have successfully signed up, visit HOW TO ENTER and follow our picture guide showing you step-by-step how to create your profile.

Is there a membership fee for individual artists on the platform?

No. Membership of the platform can be set up at any time and is free of charge.

I am a musician, producer and singer. When I sign up, can I choose all three categories I belong to or am I limited to just one?

You can join any number of categories from the current list.

How can I upgrade my free profile to premium?

You can upgrade your free profile to premium at any time and very simply. To make the whole process easier, please refer to our picture guide on HOW TO ENTER to premium here:

How much does an annual premium FM platform membership cost and where can I pay for it?

An annual premium membership with us costs €36. You pay for premium at the end of your premium registration by selecting the payment option you find most convenient. Membership is payable annually. You can find out more about premium here:

What payment method can I use to pay for premium on the FM platform?

You can pay by card via Stripe or PayPal.

If I have already created a profile on the platform, can I make changes in the Bio/About me/My work section? 

Yes, of course. You can edit your profile at any time and make changes to any part of your profile.