FM-Film & Music Artist Platform

The FM platform offers a unique advertising space to raise your brand’s profile around the world. FM advertising is here to showcase you and your products and services to all members, visitors and fans of this platform.
The FM platform creates and integrates an international audience of music and film industry artists from around the world. The platform is suitable for all artists of all ages, regardless of where they are from.
FM members and our audience take a keen interest in news from the audiovisual world. They often use a wide array of hardware and software or services for their art and work.
Members represent an active target group for your products to help them achieve the results they want in both music and film and to speed up or improve their workflows.

Do you want to advertise on the FM platform?

We do things differently to other platforms:

  • affordable advertising,
  • a unique audience and a platform which unites artists from around the world,
  • various advertising options and types,
  • a fair approach and friendly interaction

We are well suited to preparing creative advertising solutions tailored specifically for you (both direct and indirect forms of promoting your business).
Our main goal is not just to engage in a one-off collaboration or random advertising which lacks any future objectives, but to create an advertising environment for long-term partnership and your satisfaction.
Our team stand ready and committed to help your brand establish a meaningful bond with our audience.
If interested, please email our advertising team here, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.