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Mathias Gloor
Mathias Gloor
Thise Gloor is a Zürich based composer, pianist and producer. His releases contain Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary Classical Music, and a ecclectic mixture in electronic (dance) music.
Born 1969 he grew up, after a stay in South Africa during early childhood, in Fischenthal, one of the few villages in the mountains of Zurich state.
1990 to 1995 studies at the Jazz School Lucerne and at the Music Academy Basel (composition, music theory) among others with Matthias Steinauer, Christoph Baumann and Roland Moser.
Gloor played in various formations in the field of jazz and improvisation (Kieloor Entartet, Michael Gassmann Quartet, etc.) from 1989 to 1996. Member of Nadelöhr, later KOJ Zurich from 1997 and until today Fabulous Fable Quartet. Freelance composer / improviser / performer. His interests as a composer and producer are acoustic phenomena in general and the edges of the term style in particular. Growing up with a lot of Mozart and Haydn and a great love for Schubert, he discovered jazz as a teenager and later new music through mentor and a role model Matthias Bruppbacher at the Kantonschule Wetzikon, where he also accompanied some performances of the school orchestra with basso continuo and gained experience with chamber music. There he had been deeply impressed especially by the piano pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The music of Olivier Messiaen also found echoes in compositions for Kieloor Entartet. He was fascinated by the mixture of deep musicality, an absolutely unique sound language and the thoroughly tangible instructions and analyses of this composer in his "Tomes". The works of Webern also played a very important role in shaping his style.
His stay at the Music Academy in Basel then showed him his possibilities, but also limits. For a long time his attempts to understand the great composers, to imitate them, to emulate them (even in his choice of writing tools) and a feeling of inadequacy, coupled with a great will to condense all this into a "system", caused him some difficulties. Between 1994 and 2003 he created commissioned compositions for Trio Lépic, Katarakt, Ensemble "oggi musica", "Nadelöhr", "Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft", "Seebahn- Quartet" and others. Thanks to his contacts to excellent interpreters / composers / clients, here are Rico Gubler, Matthias Steinauer, Markus Hochueli, Vera Fischer, Franziska Müller, Nicole & Nina Hitz, the Seebahn - Quartett, the Trio Lépic to mention, it was possible for him to realize some excellent recordings of his works. Here, of course, his long-time friends Lucas Niggli and Matthias Kielholz and later Emmanuel Schnyder, who were members of Kieloor Entartet, are the first to be mentioned. With them he was allowed to experience the greatest adventures, successes and crashes.
During this time he also had contacts to Christoph Grab, Dominik Burger, Christian Strässle, Thomas Hirt, Fredi Schmid, Michael Gassmann, Kriz Flueler, Bernhard Bamert, Jan Brönimann, Werner Hasler, Felix Utzinger and many more. From some of these collaborations there are excellent live recordings of the Jazzfestival Schaffhausen 1991, 2001, 1994 and 2011 by Radio SRF ( Radio DRS ).
Since 2016 managing director of the culture & art club RAUM132 in Wetzikon. There he realized from 2007 to 2013 a small jazz festival Wetzikon, and also premieres of his own works were heard. Among others in 2016 the big project WALLA, where the first scene of the opera WALLA with Robert Koller as soloist and a top-class Ad - Hoc - Orchestra are premiered, or in 2013, where the work Kraissler 2.1 came to the only performance; a re-creation of the concept "Wie die Zeit vergeht" by Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 2015, the premiere of the work Amphimakros with improvising rhythm section with Philipp Saner as soloist on guitar was a highlight. It was also a turning point in his creative work, in which the automated production of art and ideas came more and more to the fore.


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