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Kamohelo Hlasa
Kamohelo Hlasa
South Africa
Kamohelo Hlasa was born in Nigel (GP), South Africa in 1995. He grew up on the campus of the University of South Africa, where he holds a Higher Certificate in Archives and Records Management and post-graduate BA achievements in Archives and Records Management / Information Sciences. He also studied Auxiliary Social Work for a year at Kganya Family Centre and then left for the UK at the age of 25 to continue his educational goals and to personally discover more of himself on different paths. His currently back in South Africa connecting all the dots he possibly can as Co-Director at Black Courage Group and Founder of Mistery Bocks (PTY) Ltd and has never ceased to give up on educating, gaining knowledge and understanding, and staying committed to serving wherever he can.

During his journey and discovery, he has worked at the Department of Social Development for five years as an Office Administrator, Social Behaviour Change Facilitator and Volunteered as an Auxiliary Social Worker for five years across all the Department Programs in South Africa. He then practiced Records Management at Gekombineerde Skool Balfour for two years and later became a Project Supervisor for Mpophoma Construction.

Besides working on social issues, managing records and facilitating, Kamohelo travels all over the country attending gigs and events to gain more skills and broaden his network contacts, and speaking at business conferences as he opened a business with his step father that dealt with farming production and property development. Currently, his new art inspiration are found in different fragments like being a Music Selector and Podcasting, Freelance Blogger and Editor, of which he gains more knowledge and skills partaking in editing articles and reports for the Municipality of Dipaleseng (MP) and volunteers with different NGOs when it comes to drafting proposals and finalising reports.

When he isn’t reading a new book or collecting music from music stores / vinyl records shop, Kamohelo loves spending time with her lovely grandmother and gardening or does service work at his Local Christian Church with motivating the Youth Groups regarding Biblical Studies and Co-ordinating NA Meetings for newcomers who are dealing with Alcohol and Drug Abuse.