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John Murphy
John Murphy
San Francisco
John provides recording, arranging, production and collaboration services with the goal of offering some of the best opportunities in the business - world wide.

He has been composing for over 50 years. He has composed songs and scores for such publishers as Criterion Music in Hollywood, CA and BMI in San Francisco. He has toured extensively throughout his career and within the past 5 years aside from preforming locally, has been working from his studios in San Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX, He attended the University of North Texas' world renowned school of music majoring in composition with a minor in classical guitar. He has performed, recorded and written music with many groups throughout his career. Including Murphy & The Mob, Refugee, Lash Laroo and as a solo artist, to name a few.

He continues to work in mixed and varied musical genres including song writing, film composing and a combination of both. He loves what he does and will continue on his creative path in the future.