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Giovanni Maisto
Giovanni Maisto
Gianni Maisto, a Neapolitan artist, began his career in 1981 by publishing a 45 rpm single and participating in numerous musical events in which his talent was recognized and appreciated. For a few years he abandoned his musical career, however continuing to compose music and increasing his professionalism and artistic sensitivity. In 2020 he resumed his activity as a composer and published a CD of film music "RISUONANDO...", signing a recording contract with the Musicmedia publishing house. In 2023 a new album "TRA SOGNI E BISOGNI" was released with a strong, incisive and exciting sound and some of his music was chosen for the short film "Friddo e Famme", winner of numerous international competitions.
The artist talks about himself like this: “I am an author, composer and producer. My music is free, absolute. It was born without purpose but we realize later that it tells a very specific story. Everyone can imagine what they want, it lends itself to a thousand interpretations. The videos published are a concrete example of what I said, their synchronization was already present in me. My music adapts to everything I feel, to a commercial, to a documentary or to the soundtrack of a film."