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Gavin Geddes
Gavin Geddes
Gavin Geddes is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. With an extensive background in music composition and a passion for creating innovative soundscapes, Gavin has established himself as a sought-after artist in the world of cinema.
His work has captivated audiences at prestigious film festivals, including the renowned Holly Shorts Film Festival and Dances with Films Film Festival.
Gavin's musical prowess shines through his exceptional mastery of thirteen instruments. His love for synthesizers has allowed him to seamlessly blend traditional instruments with electronic sounds, creating a harmonious marriage of traditional and contemporary sounds.
Gavin is known for his ability to craft dark and disturbing musical pieces that also evoke profound emotions within the listener. His pursuit of experimentation allows him to push the boundaries of sound and create truly unique compositions that are tailor-made for each film. By meticulously crafting the auditory experience, Gavin adeptly enhances the narrative and ensures that his musical contribution is an integral part of the storytelling process.