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Filippo (FILOQ) Quaglia
Filippo (FILOQ) Quaglia
FILOQ, a producer, DJ, and sound explorer who is constantly on the move, has developed his own sonic exploration within the realm of global beats, jazz, and electronic music. He intricately weaves traditional music from all around the world with digital beats in a cut-and-paste whirlwind.

In addition to his solo career, FILOQ is involved in various projects. He serves as the dubmaster of the Italian Institute of Cumbia, led by Davide Toffolo, where he experiments with cumbia and Latin cultures. He manipulates Afrofuturism and taarab with the Italian-Tanzanian collective Uhuru Republic, of which he is a producer. He is the electronic force behind the dub-jazz project Fire feat Adrian Sherwood. He also serves as the sonic mind behind Magellano, where he provides soundscapes for "Walk the line," a large-scale street art project along the elevated road in Genoa, and the urban sounds of a major port.

As an artistic producer, FILOQ has worked with artists such as Vinicio Capossela (winner of the Targa Tenco 2023 for the best album), Hilda Lizarazu (Gardel Award for the best pop album in 2023), Young Signorino, Mudimbi, Luvanor FC feat Willie Peyote, Los3saltos, Gnu Quartet, Federico Sirianni (winner of the Cinquina Targa Tenco 2022 for the best album), Escobar, Mimosa, Enrico Brizzi & Numero6, Pernazza, and many others.

FILOQ is one of the three founders of Stellare, a boutique label and factory that blends experimentation in electronic, classical, jazz, and field recording, pushing the use of sound into new territories to convey messages and shed light on current issues. For instance, in "The Ocean without us," he turns scientific data on sea pollution collected by CNR into music. With Stellare, he also ventures into cross-media territory, contributing to installations like photographer Alessandro Toscano's work "La camera del mare" and Davide Livermore's "Fare Luce," created for the 20th anniversary of the G8 Summit in Genoa.

As a music supervisor and sound designer for agencies, radio, and brands like Alfa Romeo, Lavazza, Toyota, Gucci, Pitti, Schindler, Kappa, SoundReef, K-Way, and many others, he has composed and produced soundtracks for documentaries, art installations, theater productions, and films, including the blockbuster "I 2 Soliti Idioti." He is a talent scout in the music industry and has worked with various independent Italian labels. FILOQ has also remixed tracks for artists like Casino Royale, Almamegretta, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti + Cor Veleno, Dargen D’Amico, Velvet, Motel Connection, Perturbazione, Ex-Otago, and others.

Continuously touring across Europe, South America, and Africa, FILOQ has performed at major festivals such as MiAmi Festival, Jova Beach, Primo Maggio Taranto, Sponz Festival, GoaBoa, Ongala Music Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Eolie Music Fest, and Home Festival. He has shared the stage with artists like Clap! Clap!, Snarky Puppies, Elisa, Jovanotti, Lorenzo BITW, Com Truise, Godblesscomputer, Die Antwoord, Planet Funk, and Populous.