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dimitry el demerdashi & (photo by) galina gofenshefer
Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko
Dmitry Globa-Mikhaylenko, alias Dimitry El Demerdashi & dimitry el d, is a Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer.
His specialties also include sound design: extreme vocal techniques, throat singing, exotic instruments, Arabic and Turkish lutes, traditional and ancient music, electroacoustic and experimental sound art.
He was involved in the bands Lungta (2000-2005), Musica Radicum (2006-2011), Phurpa (2003-2011).
Currently he is working solo as ZAR, Olmo Lungring, Thee Deviants, Ali & His Machine Guns, Surruralism (together with a multimedia artist Galina Gofenshefer). Also, he's a part of such international conspiracies as Mansur and MASKxSOUL.