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Dillan Avontuur
Dillan Avontuur
South Africa
Cape Town
Dillihano is an South-African musical artist, songwriter and producer from Cape Town. Dillihano started off with his independent music career in 2018, with his own Record Label "Studio Free Music". He has released mixtapes Southern Heritage that gave him the drive to be more consistent with his music.

Through his consistency with his music many artists and producers like Vibe Tyson, Big Jeezy, M-Sound The Producer, Dj Cosher, Ross Rowley and Rick Ross. Artist like Shad Moss, Tony Yayo and Kevin Hues reached out to him after listening to his music.

In 2020 Dillihano released 2 Projects named I Watch The Throne II (The Mental Lap) and God Season. The God Season Vol.1 Project became his first collective project that reached the Top 100 Itunes Hip-Hop Album Charts entry #39, while 3 Singles like "No Enemies", "Jargon" and "Stronger Days" off the "I Watch The Throne II " project reached the Top 100 Itunes Song charts. It made him feel unstoppable and gave him the confidence to go harder. In 2021, he kicked off with a Hip-Hop / Pop Project called "Certified Undercover Lover" with songs like God is Good, Back From The Mud, Today, Big BRR and I'm Good reaching the Top 100 Itunes Hip-Hop Songs charts. That same year he released God Season 2 and I Watch Tha Throne II (Long Live Life) which proofed he has the life experience, lyrical dexterity of someone far beyond his age 27.

Dillihano came along way with his music growth and development, with over 2.5 Million digital streams on Spotify alone.