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Caco Souza
Caco Souza
São Paulo
Caco Souza is a director and made his debut with the feature film "400 contra 1 - Uma História do Crime Organizado" starring Daniel de Oliveira, Daniela Escobar, Fabrício Boliveira, Jonathan Azevedo, and Branca Messina. In 2020, he released the romantic comedy "Solteira quase Surtando" starring Mina Nercessian, Leandro Lima, and Letícia Birkheuer, as well as the documentary "Alípio," about the former Portuguese priest who was involved in the armed struggle during Brazil's dictatorship years. His latest directorial works in feature films include: The suspense film "Até a Noite Terminar" with Milhem Cortaz, Simone Soares, Clarisse Abujamra, and Dandara Albuquerque; the drama based on a true story and original HBO Max production, "O Faixa Preta - a verdadeira história de Fernando Tererê" with Raphael Logam, Isabel Filardis, and Lui Mendes; “ATENA," a suspense film starring Thiago Fragoso and Mel Lisboa; and most recently, the action comedy "Mato ou Morro" with Raphael Logam, Sacha Bali, and Brendha Haddad.

In 2023, the director completed three documentaries: "O Velho Chico," delving into the lives of the Xocó people in Sergipe, "Memórias de Agosto Sangrento," focusing on World War II on the coast of Sergipe, and "Aventura-se," a exploration of the musician João Ventura. His dedication and versatility in the film industry have made them a respected figure in both fictional and documentary storytelling.