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Anton Levin - Composer
Anton Levin
Buenos Aires
Anton Levin is a Russian composer, pianist, and music activist. Born on February 21, 1980, in Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl district. He is a member of the Russian Music Union (RMU) of Composers and Eurasian Art Union (EAU).
From a young age, Anton knew that creating music was the purpose of his life. He enrolled in a music school and graduated with honors in piano. His lifelong goal has always been to expand his horizons in the field of composition and music creation. His passion for music and unique creative perspective drive Anton to seek opportunities for professional growth and self-expression.

Main directions in music: Neoclassical, Classical, Orchestral, Trailer, Epic music.

Anton Levin collaborates closely with various global labels, such as ABSOLUTE MUSIC, POSITION MUSIC, FIGURE AND GROOVE, PHANTOM-POWER, MidnightAV, and others.
Anton Levin is the author of scientific articles about the musical field in international scientific journals such as: Scientific and methodological journal “Music and Electronics”, International scientific journal “Young Scientist”, International scientific journal “Innovative Science” and others.
A more detailed autobiography and activities of Anton Levin can be found on his official website.