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Anika Djoric
Anika Djoric
New Zealand
Anika D is coming from Belgrade, currently based in Auckland, NZ. Always been driven by bass and techy music. First as a promoter, then a DJ and producer.
She was always appreciating the cinematic vibe in music. Very often inspired by sci-fi stories and movies, she was incorporating
cinematic, industrial and space atmosphere into her music. Converting the feelings into sound. One of the recent creations she is the most happy about,
is the rework of Datacode - No Place.
A creative process for this piece, written as being inspired by AI story was so dynamic and joyfull. Random birth event of an artificial intelligence,
following a system error (error 0x17) and the beginning of its conscience that determined its willingness to expand beyond physical limits was converted
into music piece featured on Short Sound music festival.
An admiration for Saturn is presented as Cassini 3, E-Ring, Enceladus 1 and Ice Dust, another cinematic piece featured on Short Sound Music festival.
At the moment she is spinning drum and bass and techno and creating some deep and techy tunes. Shifting between subgenres, but always staying within
tech realm. She has recently gotten into world of hardware and being inspired by an extraordinary sci-fi book, we will see what the future brings 🙂