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I'm an Italian soundtrack composer, international jazz pianist, international freelance keyboard player, multi instrumentalist, composer, lyricist and teacher, graduated at the Conservatory in classical piano and jazz music with the highest marks. A song from my last soundtrack for the movie Il Morso Del Ramarro (by Maria Lodovica Marini, CimaProd, 2021) wins the first prize at the Butterfly International Film Festival in Marseille in the Best Original Song category. I wrote the soundtrack for the movie Uargh! (by Maria Lodovica Marini, LAMACA, 2017), film partially based on myself, where I also worked as a co-author of the subject and actor. My music also appears in a documentary film Imaginaires en Exil. Cinq Cinéastes d’Afrique se Racontent (by Daniela Ricci, Patou Films International, 2013), dedicated to emerging African directors.