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Alessandro Petacca
I am Alessandro Petacca, a composer and sound designer with over ten years of experience in the field of music production and composition. Currently I create music for advertising, commercial spots, Jingles and sonic branding for big companies and institutions like The Sultanate of Oman, Vodafone, Orcam, KaCheckFilm to name a few.
Over the years I have developed a wide range of skills ranging in different musical genres such as Hip Hop, Ambient, Hybrid Orchestral, Drone Music and Chillout Music. In parallel with my composing, arranging, remix and music production services offered globally via my website and platforms like Fiverr (where I work as a Pro Seller), I had the opportunity to publish a number of albums and singles, showing my artistic versatility.

I am also engaged in teaching music production and electroacoustic composition, designing study programs ranging from psychoacoustics to music production and post-production.

Currently I have the privilege of collaborating with Lessonface, creating courses on topics such as music composition, sound synthesis, sampling, mixing, mastering and cultural and spiritual connections in music.

My experiences in music, both live and in studio, led me to make publishing agreements with UMP (Universal Music Publishing) and Kobalt Music, as well as an important distribution agreement with Believe Music and an editorial agreement with Thaurus, known label and publisher in Italy.

Among my previous experiences, I founded the label GYM Studio Music, producing, managing and collaborating with hip hop artists from Turin and managing to obtain relevant recording contracts with BM Records, managed by the famous Italian producer Mastafive for the album "Quercia" by the artist Falce.

In the years 2016-2019 I contributed to the complete production of songs by emerging artists from Turin such as Nicola Bueti, Jemlos (active as DJ in Ibiza clubs) and the rock band Etimo. I also worked on the audio production of a mindfulness app in collaboration with the University of Turin and designed the sound for the sound installation for the exhibition "Aleppo" by Domenico Quirico at Palazzo Mazzetti d'Asti.