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He started in the production of electronic music, through computer music, in August 2012, a few months after losing his job, dedicating a few hours a day, he started with the Mixcraft program, then he discovered the fl studio 10 program, Now version 11 and 12, has done some things well with MAGIX Music Maker, the first compositions I create with Mixcraft, with fl studio, which is the program with which it has done most of the editions, and currently uses, it does what it does because it you like music, as the illusion of something that fascinates you, motivates you and gives you inspiration, because it is important that the music is magical, it is essentially fascinating and loves music, genre styles, Electro / Electro House / Trance / Pop -Ballad, creates both instrumentals, vocals too, he has many projects little by little editions will be published, he has themes with the labels: Universal Music Emotion, indiefy label, hexil creative records, amuse, Every song he produces does it with more ga nas, and with more enthusiasm, all the songs are his, his own inspirations, and he is eager to continue creating and producing electronic music.