FM-Film & Music Artist Platform

1. Click on the registration in the top right corner.

2. Register for this platform. Go to your email.

3. Open your email. Click on the link and set a password.

4. Log in. Click on My Profiles in the right corner. Click on the plus icon to create your free profile.

5. Scroll down and choose your profile category.

6. Select premium plan.

7. After selection, click on next.

8. Fill in the form and link your social media.

9. Link your YouTube videos. If you have, you can link your music platform.

10. After linking, click on next.

11. upload your profile picture, you can upload more photos and create your gallery up to 8 photos. Click on Continue to the payment section.

12. Choose your payment option and fill in all the details.

13. Fill in the billing info and click on Pay Now.

14. After successful payment, your profile is visible and ready. You can edit your profile anytime.